Sunday, July 13, 2014


Just a peek:

Remember what it looked like when we bought the house?

This is technically the breakfast nook off the kitchen (with laundry behind the closet doors).
the not pictured side of the room has 3 full length windows. I love this little room.

I originally planned to put in a small banquet and breakfast table,
but I realized we'd benefit more by giving Livy a dedicated play area.

I think I'll probably spend more time cooking since she has a special area right off the kitchen.


  1. Absolutly beautiful! It looks so fresh and cosy, I love the styling, this is exactly what I’m hoping to achieve in my own home.

  2. Love it! Where did you find the pendant light?

  3. It is beautiful. I think you made a wise choice in making this room Livy's playroom.

  4. I think it's a wonderful idea to use this space as a little playroom. We have a pass-through window to our living room (who knows why... but it adds light and people seem to think it's charming) and it was wonderful to have my girls play there when they were little.