Friday, June 13, 2014

A matter of perspective

I'm having the hardest time arranging furniture and hanging pictures in this new house. I think when you are so used to something being a certain way, it is hard to reimagine it. Case in point: the framed pictures that were in my striped hallway. I was so bummed when we moved in and I realized that I didn't have a great spot to hang all six of them together.

It took a few weeks but I figured it out and I like it even more...

funny how that works!

Those little doors lead from the den to the bedrooms and bathrooms.
I love that I can close off the entertaining area from the bedrooms 
(especially when a little someone is sleeping).

The hall is broken up by five doors, but I finally managed to find a way to hang all the pictures.

As you walk into the hall...

... and turn left towards the master and nursery.

 I'm determined to find two more frames that are similar enough to blend with the others.
I plan to hang them on the empty side of the hallway.

Remember what it looked like before?

Starting to feel like home!


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