Thursday, February 6, 2014

If the diaper fits...

When I was pregnant I researched the best diapers for our little one (among everything else!) and knew I wanted to try a "cleaner" diaper. After reading about different brands, I decided to try:

Pampers Swaddlers Sensitive, Honest Co., Bamboo Nature, and Earth's Best

The Pampers are hands down the softest, followed by Bamboo Nature. Honest Co., and Earth's best feel a little funny to me. While Honest Co. is hands down the cutest, they did the poorest job of wicking the moisture away from sweet baby bottom and required more wipes to get Livy clean.  All four brands did a great job with regards to leaks. If you have a tiny baby, all the brands were too big when Livy was brand new... but Pampers was closest to fitting properly. She's JUST now been able to try Bamboo Nature (they're huge)!

Our favorite? Pampers Swaddlers Sensitive.
It's a bit harder to find in stores, but we've been very happy ordering from

Only complaint?
The jump from newborn to size 1 is kind of big and we're in between.

As for wipes?

We are obsessed with Water Wipes!

Livy is super sensitive and recommends these as the least toxic. 
Plus, they aren't soapy or foamy like some of the others.
Win, win.

We've been ordering from and love it!
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  1. We used Pampers Swadlers Sensitive too with both girls. All of the other diapers I tried never quite held in the yucky leaks (if you know what I mean). E has super sensitive skin and we've always had success with costco wipes. I made my own wipes for a few months, but it can get tricky when you travel and run out.

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