Monday, April 9, 2012

a glimpse of our weekend

Last weekend, we flew to Charleston to spend Easter with my grandmother and great-grandmother (she's 103)! My parents drove down from Charlotte and my brother drove up from Savannah to join us. Some of my favorite memories are of visiting my grandparents on Sullivan's Island. It is a little harder to get there now that we're farther away... but it is still such a nice get-a-way!

I took a half-day away from my kindergarten kiddos to catch an earlier flight, 
but we still had a 4 hour layover in Atlanta. 

I entertained myself by playing with Instagram.
I'm loving OPI's "Red Lights Ahead...Where?" 
but, I have to admit that it is not their best name.

A few Sweetwater Blues and the Masters helped pass the time, too.

Finally there and in heaven during an early morning walk on the beach.

Mom-mom's floor tile

My very attractive grandparents (that's just my humble opinion).

We walked to Poe's for drinks with my parents Saturday night.

 And dyed eggs with my great-grandmother, Olie!

Look at this amazing Easter basket my grandmother made my mom when she was 10.
It is made out of milk jug!

I'm a little tired today, but it was such a nice Easter.
 Happy Monday, friends!

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