Monday, March 21, 2011

House - Exterior, part II

I had some requests for more pictures of the backyard....

Isn't the deck tall?!

This is what it looked like when Frank bought it:
no deck! so strange.

Our backyard is really long

Oh, and I completely forgot to mention that we have this 200+ yr old Magnolia...

...that I can see from the kitchen window
ooohh! Sneak peak of the kitchen! The colors are really off though-

My favorite spot, and amazing wedding present from Aunt Nancy!

The deck

Patio furniture a la Restore, cushions from Homegoods

AND Frank found an old picture of the house


and again, here it is now!


  1. ugh! so jealous of your magnolia! so glad to see a pic of the whole pre-deck! I am so impressed with Frank's deck even more now. That was quite a vision he had!

  2. Hello, my name is Jon and I work for the Charlotte ReStore. Our Former ReStore director (now Senior Director of ReStore Support Group for Habitat International) stumbled across your blog and sent us the link. We love your post about our ReStore! And we'd really like add a link to your post from our home page if we have your permission. We really appreciate the positive feedback. You have an excellent blog!
    Thanks, Jon Huffman

    PS-we noticed the link in your post goes to (it's missing the “re”) instead of our website,”

  3. Oh, and the post I was referring to was: "J'adore ReStore"

  4. PS - you can reach me at; jhuffman at charlotterestore dot org

    (I wrote the "at" and "dot" that way to hopefully eliminate getting a bunch of spam messages)