Saturday, June 11, 2016

Livy says

This is purely for the memory book.

Livy is 19 months and so much fun. I LOVE the newborn and baby stage but I am pleasantly surprised how hilarious and fun toddlers can be. 

I'm getting The feeling that Livy is very vocal and I want to remember the funny things she's been saying. 

The calls almost all animals by their sound (unless they don't have one) or her favorite: PUPPIES! Example: moo=cow and teet teet=bird. She can name an astounding number of animals (it's her current obsession). She can also name almost all her body parts (even elbows, knees, and chin). She loves to sing "head, shoulders, knees, and toes" except it goes "head, toes, head, toes!" She also loves transportation vehicles (wucks/trucks and aapanes/airplanes).

Watching Daddy "mow duh gas"

She's got all the normal first words down pat and some of her funnier ones are:
Mess (meyus)
Stairs (dairs)
Hot (ot)
Cup (pup)
Cold (dold)
Cailou (yayou)
Cheerios (yoyos)
Blackberries (backbebes)
Hooray! (Whoway)
And my favorite: bawlf for golf ball (all other balls are bawls).

She amazing me every day with new ones... And not just parroting me but actually point out things. We walked by the elevator in target and she said "evator" out of the blue! We were also counting and I got to five and then she said "six!" That one shocked me bc we've been focusing on smaller increments.

She's started saying little phrases:
"I get it"
"There he is" (der ee is)
"What's this?" (Is is?)
Oh shoot! (Used in context...oops!)
Clean up! (Neen up!)
I see it?
I see you!
I love you (I yov you)
Rain rain[go away] (wain wain) 
Dance, dance! (Usually dans, dans, baby! Telling her baby to dance).

She's also been using possessive nouns "Daddy's food", "Daddy's shirt", "Lizzie's house" and so on. 

She said her first sentence this week: "Mimer wats bawl" = watch Miller play ball... Our neighbor was outside playing and she wanted to watch. 

She's still pretty shy and cautious and a stage 5 clinger if she thinks I'm leaving but if she's comfortable she's quite social. She says hey to every person we pass in the store. But if you approach her and try to talk? Forget about it. Walking with us through a resteraunt? She'll greet every single person.

We're working on dropping her morning nap, but she and I feel the same way about it.  

Monday, June 6, 2016

the days are long...

It is so true what they say that, "The days are long, but the years are short." Two (the age and the # of kids) is hard but it is also so much fun at the same time. I don't want to forget a thing.

Livy's saying and doing the funniest things these days. She's definitely got a mind of her own. Some of our favorite "Livy-isms":

"No fank-you, Mama"
"Sunder" = thunder 
"Cool your jets, Dada!" (wonder where she got that?!)
"Sharps" = sharks
"Chick-bilay" = Chick-fil-a (they're building one walking distance from our house and it is quite the hot topic).
"Here you go, baby guuuurl" to her babies all day every day
"Ya-yas" her lovies, and she has a definite preference for the white over the pink
She's taken to calling us Dada and Mama most of the time
"Lizabiff" = Elizabeth (or "my sissy" or "my sisTER")
When frank was telling her to sit in her high chair she said, "you need to change your manners!" 😳
They were also on a walk and he was teaching that the man walks on the outside and the lady on the inside. Then she asked, "Will you hold me? So we can be closer?" My heart could explode. 

She's so verbally skilled, I think it'll be her best (and worst) quality. I'm picturing her not knowing when to stop at school. We have full blown conversations all day every day. She's always been baby doll obsessed and it has only gotten more intense. "Baby sister" is still the favorite and has to do most of the things Elizabeth is doing. She loves taking her on stroller rides and will play babies for hours (feeding, swaddling, putting to bed, and changing diapers). She's named them all: "cool baby," "baby emma" and "curl" (?!?!). She just finished swim lessons and did SO well. It nearly put me over the edge the first couple days, but by the end she was swimming! She's full of SASS but she's also SO sweet, reserved and calm. Very obedient for a two year old.

Elizabeth is becoming quite the talker, too. I don't remember Livy cooing this much but I am sure she did. We get lots of "huuu" and squeals and bubble blowing. She just talks away like she knows exactly what she's saying. She has rolled from tummy to back but not much. She's just now tolerating tummy time. She tries to oooch around and twist but hasn't rolled from back to tummy yet. Her hands are always in her mouth but she hasn't figured out how to suck a finger. She loves to stand and be held in a sitting position. She loves her kicknplay mat and baby bjorn bouncer. She sleeps so well (7:30-7:30) and naps pretty well (8:30, 11, 2, 5) but she fusses quite a bit going down. She used to love to rock and now she arches her back and cries so we put her right to down and then she cries more. I'm still trying to figure it out. She's still on reflux meds and drops for her hemangioma. Both seem to be working well. Elizabeth is such a chunk and outgrowing clothes much faster than Livy did. It's hilarious and I cannot get enough of her rolls. She's just the sweetest thing and we adore her so!

Life right now is insane. It can be maddening and sickly sweet all at the same time. Livy and I were getting Elizabeth up from nap today and peeking into her crib. Livy looked up at my and said "Mama, you make me SO happy!" 

... the feeling's mutual, my sweet girl. 

Friday, January 29, 2016

She's here!

Our hearts doubled in size on January 22nd when Elizabeth Hatten Rowell made her debut! She couldn't let her older sister show her up, so she arrived at exactly the same gestational age (37 weeks, 3 days), also on a Friday, and also when her maternal grandparents couldn't get to hospital (snowed in in North Carolina). More pictures to come, but we're just over the moon with our newest addition!